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Overflow and horizontal scrolling


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Hey Yoni! Welcome to Webflow and the Forums!!

I was 100% the same way when I started but I can assure you it’ll be like second-nature soon enough — and the result is well worth it. :slightly_smiling_face:

For starters, can you share your read-only link? I clicked on the one you posted and got a 404 error.

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hi mattvaru, thanks for the moral support… so far it has been quite difficult! I have been having so many issues… this is just one of them…

i did paste the link… i’ll try again…

let me know if that works…Thanks


Indeed! Thanks for sharing that. I took a look at your website and, at the moment, I’m not seeing the issue in regards to horizontal scroll. Were you able to figure them out on your own? It looks like you have your elements sized properly and you’re not extending past the body, but if the issue still persists, let me know and I’ll take a closer look.

Furthermore, is there any way you can do a screen recording of the website getting stuck and refreshing? I’m hoping to be able to reproduce this issue on my end so I can help you resolve it, and any more details you can provide would help.

Thanks, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need help!


I have not resolved it yet–It’s hard to describe because it is very inconsistent. I didn’t even realize it until the webflow support pointed it out (without a solution) when I reached out to them.

I tried to recreate the problems for the screen rec:

As you can see the overflow occurs, then it “pops” into place. However, on the site itself it always occurs no matter how i change it.

Also, the images under the BG video are overlaid on the monitor i am using now. while on my laptop they weren’t.

I just want the site to work on all devices seamlessly.



Can you describe what this “Main” page is actually supposed to look like? From top to bottom, is it supposed to be:

  1. Section with the fast moving image GIF
  2. Section with the green BG with the Navbar at the top of it (sticky)
  3. Pinkish Section with Original Content, Production + Editing, etc.

Let me know, and I will try and record a screenshare of how I would build this and share it back to you. I will also show you what I was talking about in your other post regarding the lightbox background images. In my opinion, you have a lot going on as far as elements that are unneeded. I think this can be a pretty straightforward page and we can get to where you want!

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