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Overflow setting


I think I have rogue overflow setting in Designer that makes scrollbars visible when my site is viewed on a PC. The site looks and works fine on macs, tablets and phones. Can anyone help? Here's the read-only link and screengrab of a pc view:



Hi. It's essential to disclose what operating system + version is, as well as what is the browser in question and its version number too. thanks


Hi Vincent, I only have access to one pc at the moment which is Version 26.0.1410.64 m chrome, 27.0.1 firefox.


I clicked on your preview link, it seems that is set to off. Can you re-enable it and post the updated read-only link please? smiley


Sorry, here's the link:

I've looked at the earliest version of the template in backups and can't find any difference in the settings


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