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Page jumps when linking in-page and setting display to none



I’m not sure my problem can really be fixed, but I was wondering if anyone has ideas on how to make this interaction smoother. When each project in my “Work” section is opened using the “Learn More” button, the project area changes in width and all other project areas get set to display: none. Because of this, when I click on “Learn More” for my second project (“I’m Listening”), the page jumps up before scrolling back down.

If anyone can think of a “fix”, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @tarlyo, first, great site! Second, I think the built in section scrolling is affecting to that in combination with the available space that is removed from the page when the element is set to display none.

I will be happy to check on this further, but I think this behavior is to be expected when changing the display of the element to none, causing other page elements to fill that space, plus the combination of the section scrolling…

I will let you know when I have new info.


@cyberdave any updates?