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Page Load Interaction - Making Fixed menu not fixed


I've used a page load interaction for a pop-in effect. The effect works fine but it causes the fixed Navbar to no longer be fixed. If I use a fade-in effect only it all works fine. However, any other animation like move in from side or pop-in causes the fixed-Nav to scroll and on mobile act oddly.

Is having a different page load interaction other than fade in not an option. I like to use page loads to make sure all assets are loaded prior to site being viewed.

Class structure, at the moment, is shown here.

This is the effect.


Hi @jdesign.

Can't explain why it works like that. But there is option: I tried to apply this LOAD interaction separately to navbar and sections and everything works fine.

Hope it helps, cheers,


Adding that interaction to all sections...hmmm...this is a small site so it's doable but on larger sites that might be a pain. I wonder if I add it to the nav and target the body. I'll keep working with it. Maybe @cyberdave would have some insight.


Hope so blush
Cuz I think somehow interaction with Body effect all elements properties, even "background img" on you paralax effect is not staying fixed. So it is not only navbar problems

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