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Page Section Height in mobile view


I'm having trouble visualizing what the height of a page section actually is when I view a layout in the dashboard's mobile view. For example, a page section at 100vh height, when in dashboard's mobile view, spans really long. Are there any guidelines as to where to try and end a page's section so it aligns close to what a phone's screen height may be? Do I just eyeball it?

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You can explore many Chrome extensions to match windows height size with devices height, for example:

You'll have to craft your own profiles in order to take account for Webflow's top bar.

You can also temporarily ditch the 100vh rule for a fix height rule that matches a certain device.

That would be cool to have a way to test for heights within the Designer as we have the luxury to test for devices width.


Ah ok, I'll try the extension out thank you!

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