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Hi, i'm from Mexico and i just finish this website design for one of our clientes and i tested with the new Google tool for pagespeed insights and i have a very bad rating in mobile with 46/100 and in desktop with 35/100. Can someone give it a test and help me with this? Why is this happening? Its not even a full website, it's a landingpage!

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Make sure you don't have too big content on your site, such as huge size images, large video sizes, etc.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling:


@mktparatodos your images are very large. I think that is what is slowing down your site.


Remove these images from your home page:

Avoid using png for large images. Use jpg with compression of 70% instead.

If you really have to use png for the quality, make sure they are as few as possible, and below 70KB each, like my website:



Like the guy above me said, try to avoid png when possible. Jpg's can be compressed at a way better ratio then PNG. Personally I use: to compress my pngs and jpgs. I use that when I forget to do it in photoshop, give it a shot and I hope this helps!


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