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Pagination within Tabs


On my main blog page, I have tabs set up that I use as filters for different categories of our blog and a collection list that is filtered to that category with pagination on each one if needed.

I just noticed that if I am on the ALL tab and paginate over to the second or third page then decide to narrow down to a different category it stays on whatever page I was on for the ALL tab.

So say i went ahead on the ALL tab to the third page of results, then clicked on Hiring then clicked next to take me to the second page of results for Hiring, it takes me to the third page of results for ALL.

Has anyone else noticed this or figured out how to fix this issue?

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@sarahdarr Ive never seen filtering done this way. So basically you have a Tab system where the tabs are the filters but you then have separate collection lists on each Tab element!

The reason you are seeing the ALL Tab on the 2nd or 3rd page, is because you are not actually filtering the collection but using the tabs to go to separate filtered out collection items.

To truly see the refresh you would use the main blog page as a featured blog listing and thing have a collections template as your filtering. Here is a video of one I created for a site I recently built so you see what I mean.


Thanks for your suggestion I will look at this tonight and see if its a possibility for us.