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Parallax Background move on Mouse move


Hi Everybody,

I want the background on my soon-to-be-website-for-now-just-coming-soon-page
to move on mouse movement like here:

This is the source, I have NO idea how to use it...

I need just the background to move.
Thanks anyone for the help!


hey I know this is a hard one but come on Guys! I need you!
By the way, this is the Coming soon landing page smile


Hi @Mordi_Levi, I started working on an example, to try and help out smile Will have it posted shortly.... Cheers


thanks @cyberdave You're awesome!


hi @cyberdave, Did you get it to work? I'm really looking forward to try it smile


Lest get this thread activated again! Any luck on this effect? Mouse tracking would be really cool to implement!


Hi, for Parallax Movement based on cursor movement, I would recommend as a better tutorial, this great one made by @PixelGeek smile

I hope this helps smile Cheers, Dave

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