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Partial site hosting with reverse proxy


I am trying to host a component of my site (/en/privacy-policy) on webflow by using an nginx reverse proxy, but am getting the following fastly error.

I’ve added the custom domain to my site, however, I wouldn’t expect it to be ‘Connected’ because that domain name is pointed towards my nginx server, not to webflow’s proxy server.

This is what my nginx server configuration looks like:

server {
    listen 80;

    location /en/privacy-policy {


Webflow project mapped to an external domain's path with reverse proxy

Hey @cameronbell

With the nginx config you posted, nginx will proxy the request to our server without changing the hostname of the request. Since we do dynamic routing based on hostnames, the hostname included in the request must actually match the site you are trying to proxy to.

I think the additional line in the location block of your config you need is this:

proxy_set_header Host



In the end, I ended up setting up the webflow site on a different subdomain (, which allowed the domain to be properly connected to that subdomain. And then I proxied my desired domain to that subdomain like so:

location /en/privacy-policy {
    proxy_ssl_server_name on;



we have been struggling around for quite a long time to find the correct settings.
In the end it was easier then expected.
Feedback from the official support was limited helpful, that’s why I want so sum up the steps I did.

Webserver: Nginx
Webflow-CMS should be available under:

1.) Activate at least the “Basic Hosting Plan” in your webflow project
2.) Add a Custom Domain (eg.
3.) Enable SSL for Custom Domain
4.) Add CNAME-DNS Record: ->
5.) Add A-Type DNS Record: ->
6.) Set up Reverse Proxy in Nginx:

location /content {
proxy_ssl_server_name on;

It is important to set the slashs exactly like in the example.
Otherwise I got a 502 Bad-Gateway or 404 Error.