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Particles - Mouse force not working


Hi Guys,

So I’ve initialised a cool looking particle animation the menu of my site (hit the burger to see). For some reason when I change values in the JS it’s not updating. I’m trying to set the mouse force to -200 so It has a pulling effect.

I have a feeling it’s due to me deleting the GUI, however I really don’t want that on the site.

@samliew Any idea what’s going on?

Live Link -

Webflow Link -

Thanks <3


Fix the errors in your console.



@samliew I can’t see any!


Have you also followed the documentation exactly how they implemented it?


I have indeed, but I got this version through codepen. I tried using the default one but that didn’t work properly.
Below is what I have in webflow copy/pasted into codepen.

Below is how they recommend to do it but it does nothing:




What do you suggest?




Awesome that one worked! So what are you doing differently? When I try and add these they don’t show me errors but stop it from initialising. Do I need to wrap this in a separate set of tags?

This is an example of me trying it below