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Passage d'une offre d'hébergement à une autre


j’ai fait régler à mon client il y a 8 jours m’hébergement annuel basic.
Hors mon client veut modifier les contenus lui-même.
Il faut désormais opter pour l’hébergement CMS. Doit-il tout régler ou juste la différence ?


Yo @Brando how are you ma friend ?
I’m translating for @Olivier_Gaudin french guy here.

He started a classic hosting annual billing for a client 8 days ago.
His clients changed his mind and want a CMS hosting now.
Is there a way he can upgrade the hosting for the client without having to pay again for a whole year ? (just pay the extra).


Ay @zbrah

Thanks for translating my dude! And yes this should be possible. He’ll need to email our support team directly so we can get the account properly verified and help with any manual refunds/credits though.

@Olivier_Gaudin can you please reach out to us with this request here:

Thanks! :smiley:


Hello Brando,
I sent you an email yesterday. I’m waiting to know if i have to say to my client to pay before or to wait and pay after…


Thanks @Olivier_Gaudin

We responded to your message but have yet to receive a reply — can you please respond to that email? Then we can help get this resolved for you :bowing_man: