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Password protection for individual pages and folders


Hi, i'm currently on a professional plan. Password protection for the entire site seems to be possible, but is password protection for a subpage possible? E.g. for the current site i'm building there should be one section where only people with access are allowed? Can this be done?

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.


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UAYOR: How to password protect individual pages or folders using .htaccess
Password Protected Pages
Password protected page

Yeah would be nice. Sometimes a client wants a live example of a new page template / landingpage and this would be a fast and easy way to do that.


I would recommend duplicating your site and applying a password protect on it.


Hmm ok. So lets say i have site called I have two subpages and Now i would like to have subpage /two to be protected with a password. Can i somehow manage that with duplicating my site How should the linking go then...? Thanks!


.....................Agree, +1


Also agree, +1. Would like to password protect a subfolder.


I need help password protecting a page for a website I'm designing. I need something that isn't easy to get around (if you already know the domain name, etc.) and something that won't show the password in the source code.



Yes, we really need to be able to passord protect subfolders. Please.....


I'd like to see individual passwords on sites. Especially a way for clients to access.


This feature has already been implemented into the Webflow platform:


Figured I'd also hop on. It would definitely be useful to password-protect individual pages (the same way everyone sees the Webflow home page, but I have to log in to get to the account page).

At this point, if I understand it correctly, we'd need to export the site off Webflow and host it elsewhere, right?


+1 I'm not a web designer, but a photographer. Webflow is allowing my to create my own site completely free of restrictions. However, I do need to host client galleries and it's exceptionally useful to have these pages individually password protected.


We've been talking about a page. Not password protecting the ENTIRE site. Can this feature be implemented?

Password protection

The team is aware of community's need for this feature, but we do not yet have an ETA.


Also like to add us as wanting this feature please.


Will there be a built in CMS in the near future including the ability to manage usernames and passwords that we can assign to users or have people sign up for and get approved?


Amen....This would be awesome.......



Passwording individual pages and directories would make the Webflow Premium membership worthwhile to me. Until then, I'm cheaping out.

Love the product though.


yes i agree, password protected pages would be great.