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PDF File Link URL


Is there a way to change the pdf file link that appears in the browser



In other words, removing the Webflow reference…


Hi @craigb welcome to the community :grin::+1:

At this time you cannot change the URL for file names since they are uploaded to a CDN for fast loading speeds.


Not exactly ‘whitelabel.’

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Hey @craigb @PixelGeek , actually you could with 301 redirect i think ?

But it will only make redirect to but not rewriting it.
I guess that works if your use case is writing the link on a flyer or something.
301 redirects are in Hosting tab in settings.

In this case, your old path is and the new one
Hope this helps,


Hi @zbrah - thanks for the response.

This could possibly work, but is not really what we are looking for - for privacy reasons we need to remove the Webflow reference from the URL.

Also - This particular site will contain 500+ links, so adding a redirect for each file is not really practical.


I understand :frowning: @craigb
In case you finally do this option, i have a keyboard maestro macro to copy paste in the 301 redirect panel.
(I’ve done it for + 1500 redirect, worked well). Just ask if you need it.
Have a great day,


Will let you know if we need it. Thanks for the generous offer @zbrah, much appreciated!