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"Peer Collection" error after deleting collection


I'm working off the template:

I tried to delete the collection "Categories" and was able to after removing all blog posts, categories, pages referencing categories, dynamic lists referencing categories, and classes w/in a blog dynamic list that reference categories. As far as I can tell within the app, there are no more references to categories that exist. Yet when in the designer, when I go to the home page (which used to reference categories) I get an error at the top of the page that says "Cannot find peer collection for slug: category". I have no idea what else I can remove for categories.

Additionally, when I try to remove the category link from the blog post settings, I can successfully remove the field from the Blog collection settings, but when I save the collection I get an error "Error: Collection fields: "Post Description", "Category" currently being used in bindings."


I am having exactly the same problem with a reference field. Anyone??


I never got past the issue. I ended up having to revert back to an old version before I deleted in order to go forward.


Thanks, I think it's a bug, perhaps Workflow will catch up soon...

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