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Personalized Content in Webflow Using Knack


Hi there awesome Webflowers! I’ve been dying to share this. :webflow_heart:

First off, this post is not by any means connected to Webflow. If the features I present do not work as expected, or are buggy, then that is a reflection on me and not Webflow :blush:

This evening at 5pm CST, I give a glimpse into a project that I’ve been working on: personalizing content within Webflow by taking advantage of web apps created with

I’ll present a feature that allows me to create a membership portal, but more importantly personalized content.

You can test the functionality out at (alpha version)

Feel free to tune in at as I give some of the behind the scenes.

To give additional insight - I am planning on creating a free course, and blog post, discussing Knack and how to implement the web apps into Webflow.

As I’m a “designer” and understand that the fear of code is real - the course will show a lot of the non-coding features that can be added to enhance your Webflow project.

Don’t hesitate to provide any feedback as that is the best way we can grow.

My best,

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Great work - thanks for this Micah and the resources you are creating.

I think it’s a really good idea taking ideas from the forum and showing solutions in your videos too :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Stu! :bowing_man:

Hopefully, they are helpful :pray:

Also, I referred a work opportunity to a few Webflowers yesterday, and I mentioned you in that list. Loving your work, definitely! :webflow_heart:


Awesome - thanks for thinking of me!