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Phone link in CMS--Now possible with Dynamic Embeds!


Continuing the discussion from Phonenumber link/button in CMS:

Can anyone share how we can achieve this?
"Tel:" doens't work with links :confused:

Dynamic Telephone Link

I'm also having an issue with this. I hope they make tel: an acceptable link format in the future. mailto: seems to work.


We're working on adding support for tel: inside of the link field.


:point_up: Scratch that! We'll be creating a separate field types for these different data types since they aren't always "links" per-se.


Great to hear @thesergie! You guys rock



It would be great if we could create a telephone link in the CMS so we could pull it dynamically.

Thank you.


Any update? I could really use this


This can solve this problem


I hope you guys work on this feature soon :slight_smile:

Coz I just was working on something like this but i can do something else till you add this feature

your efforts are highly appreciated.

waiting... :slight_smile: