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Photo Bug ("Something went wrong")... Again!


I’ve repeatedly encountered an error message when trying to edit or replace photos on a webflow web page, and it’s escalating. Now I cant click on any image without getting this error (attached). Can someone help?!

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Hey @mattfoley,

Those kind of problems are sometimes occur because of a browser extension. I suggest you to open an incognito window, login to your account and see if the problem still occurs.

You should also send a bug report, so the Webflow team can look into it.


I’m not familiar with incognito, but I cleared my cache, restarted, closed windows, tried in Safari… I’ve been getting the same results for days now, despite all of my troubleshooting… Any other advice?


If you’re using chrome:
File -> New Incognito Window


Tried incognito, got the exact same error. Any other ideas?


Hi @mattfoley I’m happy to help look into this issue.

If possible, can you show us a screen cap of the issue? Maybe use

I’ll be standing by for your response.



The screenshot is in my first post on this thread. It happens any time I click on an image, for instance if i want to replace an image, i would click on an image and then click the replace button, but as soon as i click on any image, the whole thing shuts down and shoots me to that error message alert. Helpful?



Here is a link @PixelGeek - Helpful?


A screen recording is what will help best to understand the problem.

The last video you shared doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face: