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Photo Gallery: Wix's Slide Deck (Photo Reel)


I don’t know why my designer friend pushed me to go with webflow over wix… WHY is it so hard to have a basic Photo Gallery slideshow feature???

Lightbox is making me upload images one by one and driving me CRAZY!!! Even supposedly crappy platforms like wix have a simple “Slide Deck (Photo Reel)” features that make it easy to upload an entire photo gallery in a jiffy that automatically rotates images.
I have such a photo-gallery heavy site, I ABSOLUTELY NEED a gallery option that does NOT make me upload images ONE-BY-ONE. PLEEEASSEEEE HELP!!!

PS: This is my webflow site:


That sounds surprisingly easy to use.


Yes it is. Now i have a whole site built in webflow and the designer just told me that it’s a LOT harder in webflow since we have to do it one-by-one. Is that TRUE? Is there no better way to do so in webflow???


Yeah, there isn’t something like that in Webflow, which is why I’m surprised.


Since you work there, can you tell them that someone like me who has 3 friends ready to build sites will NOT build in webflow simply because of the lack of this photo-gallery feature? How LONG till webflow fixes this???


I never said I work there. What gives you the impression that I do?

The users who work at Webflow has a shield icon next to their username (admins).

The advice Webflow will give you is:

Great idea! Please create a wishlist request here: