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Photo shop website


It´s about to finish but I can show it.
Any comment is appreciated.



Great job! I really like the photo collage and the rollover treatment on it. smile


Thank you @PixelGeek, I´m happy with this and as you can see is easy to do.


Nice, love the colors and overall feel on this site smiley . On my screen the Oswald font used in some headings, buttons and nav looks a little blurry when used in small sizes.


Thanks for your comment. I´ll check the font issue.


Good job, it's clean and fresh.

Add a max-width to your text field so it can only be increased in height and not in width:


Thanks... I did it.
On the other hand I set the height to Auto but it doesn´t get higher if you write more than 2-3 lines. Instead scrollbars appear.


That's how it's supposed to work. text field don't expand with content.


Ok... Then I will change the scrollbars style. They doesnt look good.