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Picture Sizing help with Lightbox


Working from an existing template I am adding pics to my photo gallery. The existing photos from the template show they are 500 x 500. I have uploaded my pics that I want with that same size and they are showing smaller. They aren't "filling" the spot like the examples in the template.
I have checked and checked the settings and just can't figure out why I can't get a consistent look.
Thanks! :frowning:


Not all of the images have a consistent 500px X 500px that were uploaded. To fix this, crop all the images that are not the right dimensions to: 500px X 500px

Hope this helps. :grinning:


You can crop and resize your image with fotor it's a free online tool and then you compress your images with compressor to reduce your page weight.


That did help. I resized and it is working well. Seemed like a silly mistake, but I'm quite a newbie!
Thanks for your response.

I even managed to change my settings for my lightbox for mobile view. Just needed some support and this helped.
Thanks again!!!

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