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Pin navigator to right hand side or stacked below settings


I may as well be the first to ask – have you considered the ability to pin navigator to the right hand side of the screen or stacked above or below the right hand panel? (similar to what’s possible in adobe CC apps)


  • On my wider screen (27") I have to do a lot of eye and mouse movement between the navigator and the style panel.
  • I’d like to keep the navigator permanently open – I use it a lot. When open all the time on the left, it cause the preview area to feel cramped and further away from what the desktop version of the website looks like (ie. with the left hand edge of the site closest to the left edge of the browser window).
  • When building complex interactions, there is a lot of switching/back and forth between the navigator and timeline – being closer to each other would make this faster and easier.
  • Another example is HTML embeds – I usually have to select the embed in the navigator then go to the element settings tab – this would be quicker and easier if the panels were closer to each other.

The control for it could still be in the left hand bar without being too confusing? I imagine the UI questions are the big reason why you may have resistance to this idea generally but if you could make the UI work it would give us the most flexible and useful solution for all types of screen sizes and workflows.

The images attached show very roughly what I mean.


I was trying to comment this on official thread but doesn’t seem it’s open for replies.
I DO like the idea of the new panel, I don’t care if it’s placed on left or right – I’ll get used to either.
The benefit would be to dock it… Ideally, any tab should be dockable… kind of like panels in the Adobe products.

In particular, this navigator panel dock it to the styles panel.

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I was just thinking this, also. It would be most helpful to have the stacked variant @matt50 proposed on my 13" MacBook (I know most of you are on bigger, more beautiful screens, but I travel a lot so I’m on this size 24/7).


Agree with a even more flexible handling of the navigator and pin it to the right side as well while keeping it open.


This is a nice update! but unfortunately for those who use screens as small as my acer 13.5 inch is not great, I can not be very comfortable with work.


I agree also. Navigator should have been on the right side. For several reasons.Some of them mentioned above by @matt50 , but I would also add another argument for this. When adding content, you can easily drag and drop, I know… but if you got a more complex design going on, it’s impossible to drop the content into the right place on canvas. I have to drop it inside the navigator. And you can’t do that as long as the content panel is ON TOP of the Navigator panel.
So maybe it would be better if the Styles panel got pined on the left side, and the Navigator got kept on the right side?


@Sven_Erik_Slattedale Try grabbing the element from the add panel and hovering over the nav icon

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I didn’t know you could do that. But it works! Great!
Thank you @Lindapham