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Pinterest Save button help

Hi there,

I’m working on social media sharing buttons. I followed tutorials from @Waldo and @sabanna great Webflowers, I still have a small problem: My Pinterest button does not work. I copied the same code and it does not work. My goal is to add social media sharing buttons to CMS posts.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you :webflow_heart:

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Hey @Alexander_von_Stauff

Can you please share the tutorials here so I can take a look?

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Both are on this topic.

So, nobody can help?

The code you copied has been modified somehow by the forums.

I created a demo of the same script running with jQuery on Codepen.

Note the button ID. Also the script needs to be placed in script tags in the before body close custom code area (page settings) on the template or page you wish to run it on.

It worked, thank you!

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Glad you were able to implement it. Thanks for the feedback!

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