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Placing an order without shipping and payment checkout


Hi guys!

I have a potential client looking for an ecommerce where you can order goods without the goods being shipped or paid for via the website. The client operates a store that sells fresh meat and therefore has no ability to ship goods to the customer. The customer must therefore meet in the store to pick up the goods, and thus pay for the goods in the store.
Is it possible to get this with Webflow Ecommerce? Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

I see that it is not possible to delete shipment or payment from the Webflow checkout, but I discovered that it is possible to put Display none / hidden. Will this be a good workaround?


It sounds like you are requesting these options on checkout:

  1. Check Payments
  2. Cash on Delivery

Meaning you would just get an Order Form generated by the customer from the user with their request, contact info and address. This would be good to have for webflow’s e-commerce.

Have you tried setting the prices to $0.00 and see if that works? Their account wouldn’t be charged maybe?


I’m sorry my English is not that good, and having problems finding the right words to explain things sometimes.
But yes @Lucius_Blackheart, this is what I’m looking for… just an Order Form generated by the customer, with contact info and address.

Thank you for esplaining this in such a good way!


Hi I have been asking for an option in payment where you can set up a manual option. That could be used for Cash on Delivery, Swish ( Sweden), Wips (Norway), Bill to customers and more.


Currently, you can’t have Checkout completed without a Shipping Info added and Shipping Method selected.

That said, you can create whatever Shipping Methods you would like in the Ecommerce Shipping Settings. So you could certainly create a ‘free’ shipping method with any name or description you want (such as in-store pickup).

You cannot have a working checkout without credit/debit card payment right now, however.

We are planning on supporting selling products that do not require shipping at all in the future (such as digital goods, donations, etc.). And we may provide more options around offline payments as well.

I would encourage you to add and vote for these ideas in our Wishlist, to help rally support from the community and help us prioritize them!


@kkilat that sound perfect, but did not answer my question. How can i test Zapier without a Live plan?
I guess the answer is the same but i want to be sure. Will add this to wishlist if it’s not already there.


Very much in need of this one.
Is there any news on this?
In the wishlist there is a ‘wish’ to just add a ‘ask for a quote’ function


Hi @Sven_Erik_Slattedale.
Foxy can handle what you’ve described, all managed inside of Webflow. If you’re looking for a solution until Webflow releases this functionality, we may be a good fit. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.