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Placing images correctly


Hi, guys, I'm having a trouble with my images. What I need to do to images not distort when I rearrange my browser window?

Here's the link:



Most likely you have an issue with your images declared dimensions. Here, they're set to 100% width and height, that's why the ratio breaks.

So they do that because you told them to do so smile Modify dimensions in your images properties.

It would be easier to guide you if you can share your project's url (Check here on how to do this : )


Thanks, Vincent!

Do you know what I need to do to my images react like those in that page?


Try that for all images


Now images doesn't fill all the height space:


You should enable a public link then we can help you more easily....


Sorry, you're right...

Here, guys:

I think I did it, but now I have another problem. In my page "Teste" the images resize just fine, but when the browser gets bigger they stop growing and are separated by a blank space. When they are in the original size, they still are separated vertically by a thin blank space, why that happens?

Thanks a lot!

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