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Plans for Hosting


Will my site be hosted if I upgrade from free plan to CMS: Site Plan? or Will I have to be buying a separate hosting plan?


Yes your site will be hosted and you won’t need to pay extra.

A Site Plan is a hosting plan.

Basically now in Webflow you have:

  • Account Plans: that’s your monthly fee for using Webflow. You need a pay one as soon as you want to lift limitations on your free sites, and/or when you need more than 2 free sites.
  • Site Plans: that’s the hosting. There’s a Free and Enhanced staging, then you have the Basic, CMS and Business, then the E-commerce ones. Any site hosted with a custom domain needs at least a Basic plan.

The particularity of this pricing model is that if you don’t need more than 2 “unhosted” (that means hosted but without a custom domain) sites, then you don’t need to pay for an Account Plan at all: you’ll get the full potential of Webflow for your custom domain sites by only paying for a Site Plan for each of them. Your free unhosted sites, however, will have some limitation, but still enough power for you to test out features an start building a new site. When you hit the limitations on a free site, then add a Site Plan to it to lift them.


Thanks a lot Vincent!


Here’s a blog entry on how to start with and use Webflow for free, as a design shop: