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Plans- Free plan limit? Cheaper plans in the works?


Hello! I'm a big fan of webflow, it's a terrific tool.

I noticed that you've recently placed a limit to 1 web site for the free plan. I have 2 sites that I'm working on and one is now inaccessible. Is there anyway I can get access to both since I was a member before this new policy? Or for me to pick which is inaccessible?

Are there any plans to create a cheaper plan then the $16 a month option? Or to offer student discounts? I love this tool and I would have no problem paying for it (in fact I think you deserve it more then other services) but $16 a month for the lowest plan is just too much for me and my fellow classmates that are using Webflow.

Custom domain with a free (or a nearly free) plan?

Hey @maroun sorry about that! You now have access to both your sites.

As for student discounts...we don't offer any yet, but we are thinking about it. Thanks for your feedback!


Thanks for the quick reply!

P.s I love the forums here, they're incredibly useful and extremely easy to navigate smile.



I'm in the same situation at Maroun - I had two sites in the works and now one is locked out and I need to work on it. Like Maroun, I'd be happy to pay for this service(I'd prefer a one-time fee like buying a program) but my student budget doesn't allow me to add another monthly bill. Any way you could help me out?

Thank you,


Hi @thesergie

I am very much for paying for Webflow, because it deserves to be a paid for product.However, after looking at your new plans I can't see a plan that fits my needs.

I am the kind of designer / developer who is only interested in running his own site. I only want to update my site between 3 and 4 times a year, tops. And I already have a hosting plan that comes with Exchange Email, so the Micro plan is not for me.

Therefore, I feel paying a monthly fee of $16 is slightly excessive, in my opinion. I understand there is a free plan, but the limited export facility makes it a non-option for me.

As someone who runs their own business I completely understand that you, Webflow, still have to pay for hosting and maintaining the space on which my design project sits. Even if I only use it on several occasions in a year.

Again, I really want to pay for your plans, but at the moment I feel none of the paid ones meet my needs.

Would you perhaps consider introducing a 'Webmaster' plan, for those like me who run a single website and only redesign or update it a few times a year?



Thanks for your feedback Thomas. What kind of pricing model will work for you? A separate charge for each export? That one can be easily used to design full sites and exported while paying a very low price. For you it seems you need to export very rarely to update your site. It's hard for us to know if you are very active in Webflow and be able to have a formula to limit your export count based on that activity.

Let us know.


Hi Sergie,
I'm in the same boat as Thomas. I have one site with around 100 pages. I'd like to redesign it in Webflow to make it responsive and would like to add even more pages....maybe add another site. I would only update bits and pieces of it a few times a year.
I would have no problem paying for a month (or fortnight) of use at a time and when I returned here, my site (s) are still here intact.
Would that work?
The more I think about it, the more I see a need for a 'webmaster plan'. I know of a couple of people who also run their own business and site, as myself and Thomas, that I'm sure would rather use Webflow than what they are currently using.


Webflow is a very advanced tool. Adobe pricing structure is very similar to this, and Webflow current pricing is VERY convenient and affordable. In the USA, its the price of a lunch with tip. For a month. That is not bad at all. I'm a working professional UI Designer and Multimedia Artist, and Webflow has become my go to for rapid prototyping and responsive design for anything web. Like any truly good tools, it should demand a price. Good tools are hard to come across. Innovation and visionary out look on how the web can be manipulated should be rewarded. So for the following people lamenting the current price structure, may I make a recommendation?
If you are a starving designer/artist, use Webflow one page at a time. Once you are happy, export your site to your own hosting solution. Learn to edit HTML5/CSS3 and use JQuery and use a friendly text editor like Sublime2. After you realize the time you SAVE in using Webflow, justifying the price to your client or yourself should be easy. Also because I myself would like to get to know creatives/designers/front end devs on this site to get pointers and ideas from to better create/design/manage projects. Nothing wrong if you are learning, but do pick up a book on HTML5 and CSS3. Not that you need to know it with Webflow, but in the end it helps when suggesting workarounds or giving advice. In the end the pricing is more than fair for what they offer, in my opinion.


It is indeed an advanced tool, but the cheapest pricing for getting extra sites is $20 a month or $192 a year. You can compare it to lunch if you want, but I disagree with your opinion and think a cheaper pricing structure should be in the works, especially for those that already have hosting plans and have no desire to make 10 different websites.


Thanks @thesergie.

I think I might have misunderstood your free plan. Is the 5 exports a monthly recurring or an absolute limit?


Right on. I have my other hosting solution and get your point totally. In the end just evaluate your tools and decide on what is most effective for you.


It's an absolute limit. Sorry for any confusion. We will make the necessary changes to make it more clear.


You didn't have a limit before, thats stupid. Make a cheaper plan, and I'll pay for it.


I agree, I'd prefer to pay a one off, Im a student and adding another cost to my monthly bill is not something that I'd like to do,


You mentioned you are a student. Would you happen to have a .edu email from your school? If so, we can get you a steeply discounted Webflow plan.

Student Pricing

@callmevlad not every school has it's email with .edu... My college has email which is uncredibly useless and we still recieve emails from school to our private email.


I'm with some of the guys above: I've already paid for the domain to GoDaddy and I'd like to have an option to update the site once in 1-3 months. A more friendly price that would allow me to connect the GoDaddy domain to even a single page of yours would work great. Limited exports are absolutely fine - all I need is the great and flexible interface to build and maintain a responsive site. Could you guys please consider my input?


Hello there! After reading all the plans carefully, I think that this is not supported, so just checking.

My usecase: I have a good understanding in CSS/HTML and I am addicted/passionated about cloud-based browser-only services. So yes, I know I can create the site in WebFlow and export it to host it somewhere, however, I would like to have an ability to adjust the design every other month or so.

Also, I have the domain registered with GoDaddy for years.

What I would like is the basic ability to work on a single site (just like in the free plan), even with a single page and be able to connect it to the GoDaddy hosting. Paying 14$ monthly sounds a bit too much, free plan does not provide the custom domain at all. Am I correct till here please?

If so:
1. Down your roadmap, could you consider providing a more friendly plan for individuals (like me, amateur photographer and sound producer)?
2. If not, can you please recommend about any option to host a single page with HTTP 302 redirect to, so I could direct my GoDaddy-purchased domain name to that redirect (that, in turn, will direct the user to

Again, I respect your pricing plans and I'd like to be a paying customer. Just thinking out loud. Hopefully, the questions are legitimate. Thanks anyways! Great great job you are doing guys.


Yeah @BreakPhreak you're right we only offer connecting to your custom domains on a paid plan.

Again, I respect your pricing plans and I'd like to be a paying customer. Just thinking out loud. Hopefully, the questions are legitimate. Thanks anyways! Great great job you are doing guys.

These are great questions! Right now to keep things simpler we have a plan for 1 site that includes custom domain hosting, which you mentioned, and some other plans for web designers. We are always thinking about improvements to our pricing plans, but for now I would recommend going with our Micro plan.


Hello and thank you for such a great project. I'm beginner in Webflow, and trying to choose the right paying plan, so could you please explain, how many independent websites with custom domains I can create, publish and host in each Plans? Actually I need to make and host 3 websites with different custom domains, can I do so on Micro Plan? Sorry it's not so obvious in Plans explanations. Thank you