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Plasso is shutting down; bought by GoDaddy


FYI for Plasso users:

As of today we’re officially starting to wind down Plasso. That means we’ll be shutting down and the services we provide on January 14th, 2019.


For any Plasso users looking to maintain secure ecommerce in Webflow, Foxy has your back. We’re here to help you transition over and guide you every step of the way. You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.



Oh dear, sold their souls to the devil! :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Yeah, Foxy’s not going anywhere… I hope, Josh? @foxy


Hey @foxy Foxy, do you offer on-page site secure options with your service? At least until Webflow releases their user access control?


They are shutting it down in Jan, hopefully eCommerce is live by then…


@magicmark We’re here for the long haul. 11 years strong and no plans to stop. :slight_smile:

@BluBerry_Media Nice to meet you. I think you’re referring to membership type functionality. If so, we’re working on some options. Let me know if you’re referring to something else.



Damnit, just invested so much time setting this up and teaching a client how to use it.

@foxy I looked at your service and really like how active you are in the community / helping people set up. The reason I chose Plasso over you is the pricing model: I do a lot of pro bono work for clients in the cultural sector.

Plasso had a “free” basic plan where you paid a higher cut (4%) of every transaction. This was ideal for low volume sellers. One of my clients for example sells around 20 cds a year. So around 500$ per year (markup is very low as they are a cultural organisatio, so their profit is around 50$ a year). They would have to pay 190$ to use foxy.

Do you have any plans on implementing a pricing like this? This was the only deal breaker.


Hi @henrymcgillis, we ( do have the transactional pricing you’re looking for and pretty much do exactly what Plasso does, plus we handle EU VAT.

We’ve been around for a while and offer some solid features. Let me know if you need any help.


@foxy Josh, I am referring to a membership/user authentication service. I am still waiting for Webflow to release theirs, but I can’t wait forever, I have a deadline and need a system TODAY!!!


@henrymcgillis Thank you for your message and feedback. A “no monthly fee” plan is something we’ve discussed internally, but not something we’ll be implementing anytime soon. That said, annual pricing is $180/yr. Also, we offer a 10% non-profit discount, and 15% recurring commission if you’re building for a client. Hope this helps some.

@BluBerry_Media Thank you for confirming. This is something we’re working on and will hopefully have available sooner than later. For what it’s worth, Foxy already handles subscriptions and user related integrations, but currently you’ll need to provide the user base to tie into (not possible with Webflow yet).



@finlayconn If you have clients needing an alternative, I wouldn’t risk waiting for WF e-commerce, you never know what issues could crop up in development, and there is currently no exact launch date for e-commerce within Webflow yet.


Yeah, worst case scenario I would just move everyone on to Shopify with the buy button. I honestly am not a huge fan of it because essentially doesn’t allow me to track anything, but I simply find @foxy too expensive, and I see the same issues with cross domain tracking happening.


Hi @finlayconn.
Thank you for sharing your feedback on Foxy’s pricing. Is there an issue you ran into with Foxy in relation to cross domain tracking? Please let us know if we can help with anything.



Thanks for the feedback @payhip , this would’ve been perfect but my client is selling physical CDs to ship to people.


UPDATE: We just posted a new blog post in relation to Plasso’s announcement. You can check it out here.

Any Webflow users looking for a Plasso alternative, please don’t hesitate to reach out.