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PLEASE! Bring back the up/down arrows next to number fields in editor!


I love the new look to the UI but the one thing that is totally messing up my workflow is the missing up/down arrows next to every number field. This may not feel like a big deal to some people but I tend to not want to look down at my keyboard when tweaking values to look for the arrows. What used to be one click on an up/down arrow is now a, click in field, look down find arrow keys and arrow up/down. That tiny annoyance over and over made me want to close Webflow today and end work early due to complete frustration. I truly hope you guys will bring that simple thing back ASAP, I really NEED it as part of my workflow!

Thank you all!

Up/down arrows gone after latest UI update

Seconded! Missing these little arrows big time!


Or create a switch where you can add it or remove it depending on personal preference.

I seriously miss those arrows :confused:


100% agree. Being frustrated while designing is such a mood kill.


+1. Missing it. Reducing my productivity. Please bring back .


Totally with you here! In the designer it get's very hard to test out font's, sizes, etc. without the arrows.


100% agree with all of you guys ^^


Agree, please add the arrows back.


I didn't think I would miss the arrows...
I was more concerned about the Undo / Redo icons.

But in using the Designer all day yesterday - and today...
I would concur... the arrows need to be re-incorporated.

Before - I could just click the arrows...
now I have click into the field then locate the arrows on my keyboard... then press the arrows.

It's a small PIA - but still. It's a PIA.

Please put the arrows back in.


I'm in this gang too! Now the arrows are gone, I didn't realise how much I use them! Why did they need to be removed in the first place? Maybe there's a reason for this change.


BRING BACK THE ARROWS!!:joy::grinning::joy:

Being a newb this is a gamechanger. Webflow just went from something fun that I enjoy, to something frustrating that I do not enjoy. If you are moving towards a more exclusive platform aimed at 'experts' the and alienating the nivices then this is a great move. Maybe the 'design community' as a whole is putting pressure on Webflow because this tool gives ANYBODY the opportunity to design/develop/host responsive websites for SMB's and actually make a living if you network correctly and know how to sell? Whatever the reason, this change of forcing my hand off the mouse is a deal breaker. I know you are supposed to design in Sketch and THEN build in browser/Webflow, but the ability to design in Webflow without having to take my hand off the mouse, turns out is one of the main reasons I subscribed. This isn't a threat by any means but if the arrows aren't brought back fairly soon I'll go back to Duda. My work will look like crap and I'll be limited in what I can do, but the time and hosting cost I will save by not having to shortcut every move becomes a no-brainer, and I'll still have me network and sales background to make up for the lower quality product. I loved Webflow...hope you bring arrows back soon.


Comeon guys, who makes these decisions? Please bring it back.


+10 to Bring back the arrows.


Honestly guys, I think you're making a big deal of this UI change when it really isn't. I've literally lost count of the number of posts about this and it just feels like there's more and more coming in everyday.

It's a bit annoying, I concur, however I'd prefer getting the entry level hosting plan back to $5 so I can sell Webflow to my prospects without looking like an idiot who doesn't know the hosting prices on the market. But that more business critical topic seems to have been a bit left aside in favour of this UI tweak...

Webflow Community, please, let's put our focus on what matters the most!


I'm completely new to Webflow and currently working my way around the interface. After years of using Adobe products I'm used to just clicking the arrows next to input boxes and REALLY miss them when they're not there. (here's looking at you Photoshop :frowning: )

I appreciate it might make the interface look a little cluttered but surely its a balance between usability and simplicity. Looking up and down all day is not fun!


Don't bring them back if they caused the laggy interface. You can use the up and down arrows on your keyboard instead, way faster and more comfortable solution.


So I see I'm not alone. I hope they'll bring them back after seeing so many people wishing for them back.


I agree please bring this back.


wait a second... did you use all ten fingers ?
I gotta check the rule book on that.


would I be able to edit it in Webflow, for example adding interaction. If can I, is there a tutorial for it.