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Please feedback my "Slider over Slider over Slider madness" combined with my "Rookile Level Javascript" first website


I hope someone will read this and look at my first website. Because I have been working on it for last two weeks my mind is all around it and I would love to get some feedback on it and maybe discuss several things.

Webflow pleases me a lot because it allows me to experiment with different approaches to layout, design and content of web in real-time. And of course the wysiwyg and no code approach is great for someone like me, who do not want to bother with coding but still wants or needs to create a website. I will much appreciate your suggestions and feedback.

This is it!
Link to my first website created in Webflow: Presentation of Penthouse apartment for sale in Prague
(Some things still needs to be done or finished, you know the stuff smile Also it is in Czech language only at this moment.)

Not being bound by any experience, best practices, or exact assignment I have created a website that presents the content its own way. It is not a usual long scrolling sigle page. Neither it is a multi page website.

  • Slider 1 - fullscreen gallery, the first thing you see gallery of 6 pictures, set to 100vh and 100vw and is controled like a usual slider gallery. It is always visible. When slider 2 appears over it, I hide its control.
  • Slider 2 - main content and information, appears as popup when menu item is clicked: fixed size div not visible after page load. This slider is controlled from the navmenu using javasript. Script also takes care of showing and hiding it over the background gallery.
  • Slider 3 - a bar in the bottom of gallery in slider 1 with comments on pictures - this bar which acts as "gallery guide" on demand allowing users to show or hide it as they browse slider 1 gallery. This guide is third and last slider, which is controlled by javascript. In this case the script somehow synchronizes the browsing of gallery in slider 1 with this slider.

I hope you like it as I think it is rather less usual webflow creation. I will be glad if you provide me some feedback on it. Working with webflow awakened the web designer in me and I am keen to learn and improve.

I could be talking about this for a lot longer, but it makes no sense while I am not sure anyone would care smile Thank you for staying with me this long to read this text smile

At this moment I will focus mainly on these questions:
How to do it more SEO friendly?
How to make a mobile friendly version out of it?

Many thanks belong to @bartekkustra who I consider to be one of the javascript masters of this forum and whose help of slider controls saved me smile