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Please help - Adding 2 or multiple countdown timers


Does anyone know how to get two countdowns on the same page without problems?

I have been looking around and this seems to be the only successful attempt to achieve this, Can we have 2 countdown timers on the same page? if anyone could let me know how I could reproduce this effect with more countdowns I would really appreciate it!

Thank you in adavnce!

Hi @Aron_Matthie one of solution will be set in CMS your deadline or release date as DATE and in code you have found just replace hardcoded “deadline” value with value of this CMS field.

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here is a simple example of another approach how to create multiple countdowns on one page



Hope that will help you to solve your problem

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Hey @Stan

You’re a legend, thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me, your example allowed me to achieve the effect I was looking for!

I hope this thread helps anyone else looking to get this working :slight_smile:

All the best,

Do you have any advice on how I could change the text “NaNd NaNh NaNm NaNs” (that is displayed when no date is entered) to "NOT SET." I’ve tried adding a text block with conditional visibility but it seems the countdown overwrites anything inside the “countdown-holder”

Hi @Aron_Matthie I have set this example based on suggestion that event date will be set in CMS and shown immediately. Now you are saying that you want to also publish events without day be set and show eg. “Coming Soon”. It will need a bit different approach and more conditions need to be set, like if(!day) or it it can be done with adding custom attributes based on some condition etc. Im now busy but I probably may look on this in few days.

If you have any further questions you can PM me and we can talk about how exactly you have set your events.

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Hi @Stan,

Thank you for the advice, I am looking into if( now as an option and I’ll update this thread if I get anywhere!

All the best,