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Please help, my budget is very limited. What would you charge for a site like the links below?


I am a new start up company with no website, yet.
I need one that is similar but not copied or cloned, like the links below.!


I would love to help out. If you could send me details I could send you a quote.



I have never did a web site before. Al I can tell you is the details are in the links.
If you were to design one of the sites I put in the ad, what would you charge?
I do not want to insult you. What is your bottom line?


Hi Teresa,
Sent you PM.


Hi @gypsy1517,
Are you EU or US based ?
This would help to correctly price your request.


U.S. based Eastern standard time


Hi Teresa,

Sending you a private message.

My name is Teresa too. :slight_smile: