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Please help - navigation malfunction


Currently working on a site for a client. The navigation is pulling the browser viewport down to the contact form on every page. This is unintentional, and I’m unsure why it’s happening.

Any ideas?


could you also post a link to the published site



Hey my wife checked your code she thinks its because your first contactform field is on auto focus try turning that off. Would like to know it that worked :slight_smile:


Thanks, that worked! Sometimes the most frustrating issues have the simplest fixes. I appreciate the second set of eyes!


Ye i know these are the things that take hours and have the most simplest solutions.

Nice website btw :smiley: loooks cool :smiley:


Thanks! It’s a bit of a work in progress, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out.


Looking good @AlexGish - i’d maybe add a little padding to the sides of the large headlines (maybe 40px) and reduce the logo a little so it has a little white space top and bottom - but great work!

Thanks for solving the problem @Kees


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