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Pointing a sub-domain to WF, DNS settings – without pointing root domain as well


Hi , I’m just getting started with Webflow, and I'm trying to add a sub-domain that points to Webflow via my domain control panel.

I’ve added an CNAME record to the domain settings (see attached), but after more than two days, it just doesn’t kick in. What am I doing wrong?

The A Record fields don’t seem to accept as a value (perhaps IP numbers only?). What else can I try?

The domain host is

Many thanks guys.


You have to delete all existing A records, they take precedence over CNAME.

Then follow 3a: Update DNS Settings for Root Domains

This will get you

To also make, you add CNAME record for www


Thank you for your reply.

To be clear what I'd like:

  1. I want the root domain ( to point to our existing hosting, not webflow

  2. I want to point the www. subdomain ( to our existing hosting, not webflow

  3. I want to point the arp. subdomain to our webflow account

It seems that what you suggest and what the link describes, would point the root domain as well as any subdomains to webflow – which we can't do.

Any chance I can have some more detailled instructions?


Hi @spirelli, the arp. subdomain should point at I was trying to check the public DNS, but I need to know the root domain name, can you let me know what that is?

I can check the cname record to see if it is active or not. From your screenshot, it looks like it should work if the nameservers have not been changed.

I will know more once I can check the full host domain.

Thanks in advance!