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Poll: Native Foxy eCommerce...Vote!


Well with that being said, let the voting begin!

  • Yes! Please integrate Foxy with Webflow!
  • No. I don't think it is a good idea. (Why?)
  • Unsure/Others... (State reason below)


Votes are public.

Webflow e-commerce/shopping cart functionality

@Syndicate15 Thanks for starting this thread! Your vote is an encouragement to the entire Foxy team. We're excited about what the future holds for Webflow/Foxy users. Keep the votes coming. :slight_smile:


I support it! Please add this feature )))


Absolutely! Yes! (Minimum-charachter-filler)


Yes please! We want to create more and more e-commerce websites!! :smiley:


Yes please! This would be great.


Yes from me.


Aneesh Kumar


It´s a yes from me as well!


Added poll to first post. Please vote there instead, and leave your comments below.


@samliew thanks for adding an actual poll! Very useful

Ecommerce site webflow front end?

YES!!!! This would be fantastic!!!


OMG it will be so incredible. If you could also create a login and user data base it will be really the start of a life without developers :slight_smile: I keep only my best friends developers to hang out and have beers. According to me Designers have to design website and user experience and developers have to develop tools for designers as your webflow team do with so much talent.

Yes foxy cart !!


Be sure to include drag & drop Category sort and full support for import via CSV for product and category creation.


yes yes yes! This would be an excellent addition :slight_smile:


Yes, absolutely, please!


Yes please integrate SexyCart with Webflow please :wink:


YES PLEASE! It would be very helpful.


what's this all about?


@Funkaholik, Foxy cart is a 3rd party company that provides Ecommerce solutions. It's a very impressive platform, meshes quite nicely with webflow, and you can create a uniquely custom shopping experience. There are tutorials on this forum on how to set up Ecommerce on your webflow site using Foxy.
Or go to to learn more.

Foxy has the technology to bake their software right into webflow, making it a native feature that you can use from right inside the webflow designer, just like all of the other components webflow has. Instead of having to manually connect foxy and webflow yourself, this integration would allow webflow to have a built in Ecommerce solution for us. :+1:🏼


Thanks for for the votes everyone. Super encouraging!

@Syndicate15 Thanks for providing details about

@Funkaholik Please let me know if you have any questions

With native Foxy support, the following (and more) could potentially be possible right in Webflow:

  • Order Management (manage orders right in Webflow)
  • Inventory Control (automatically remove purchase options when a product inventory count hits a certain threshold)
  • Product Verification (product links and forms are automatically encoded to prevent tampering)
  • Customer Portal (customers could login to your Webflow website to view order history, reorder, and more)
  • Paid Members Area (gives customers access to a "members only" area once they start a paid subscription)
  • No More Copy and Pasting (Since Foxy ecommerce would be built into Webflow, product creation and management would just work. No more raw html or product links to mess with)
  • Manage Everything in Webflow (store settings, payment methods, shipping options, taxes, product categories, coupons, discounts, and more)

We're excited about what the future may hold. Please keep the votes coming. :slight_smile: