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Pop ups in Footer menu (Sabanna?)



Sabanna was helping me with footer pop ups here ( I have gotten some to work, but cannot get the windows to close and hide the modal window once window is closed. Could you please take a look. I believe I have followed your steps correctly.



Hi back, @Luccimia . blush

Could you give your read only link, pls. I will check interactions.


Sorry...thought it was read only.


Ooooookkkk smile here we go.

Your "modal background" linked to interaction "open policy" and your "About us" block linked to interaction "about us".
It is what makes mess.

Choose every of this elements end put "None" in interactions and everything will work perfectly.

smile Good luck


Works great. Thanks so much for you help!


You are welcome wink Just be more careful with applying interactions to elements

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