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Position panel always showing relative to "Body" even if parent is set to relative

Hello All! Has anyone experienced the position panel always showing relative to “Body”? However when I checked, I discovered the following facts:

  1. Body cannot be set to any position
  2. I’m 100 percent sure the Parent element of the absolute child is set to relative


I do believe this is somewhat linked to another problem i’m experiencing.

the newsletter section (symbol) has some elements which I believe is in relative position sticking out , within the boundaries of the previous section. It’s as if I set the other “Alesi” section to Index 100, however I did not and is still static

to test, I did this in a blank page, added a section below it, and still the same happens. Which leads me to the conclusion that the problem is somewhere located in the section with the “relative to body” problem.

Many thanks in advance!

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