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Position "sticky" does not work with luxy.js

Hello, please help! position “sticky” does not work when using luxy.js smooth scrolling .
location: wrap luxy — section 7 — reviews holder.

Read-only link: LINK

Hi Aleksey,

It is not the luxy.js - it is the overflow:hidden on the wrap luxy element.

Hi Avivtech, thanks for the answer, yes this is really due to “overflow: hidden”, but after publishing the “sticky” refuses to work

I created a simple structure with sticky elements and luxy.js- all seems to work fine.
The problem is somewhere else…

You can give a read only link?

Your luxy.js didn’t work, you need to invest it so that it works


Why do you think it didn’t work? what are you circling over there? :smile:
(your script targets an ID, not a class )

How can I fix it? I just don’t understand :joy:

I am not sure as well :smiley:

The problem is something else.
I would suggest to back all up, and delete element by element until you find the one that makes the problem.

The problem was found in luxy.js, but I can not remove it :thinking:

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Im having the same issue… position sticky breaks when I have Luxy.js did you ever find an answer?

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There is an answer, it can be done through the locomotive js library, but it’s pretty difficult, since I’m new to the code.

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thanks for this dude!

you know how to connect locomotive js?

Did you get it to work?