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Positioning product call outs on top of product images... but responsive!


Good Evening.

I am attempting to build a products detail page that will consist of showing the product, and having call outs on the product. The easy non fun way would be to make this a static image.... the fun way, which I would like to attempt, is to have call outs as separate images that can be triggered through interactions.

Here is the challenge for me. I have played around with positioning, but I am not sure how to fix an image to a particular part of an image below it so that the call out will be in a consistent place for the user on all devices.

Looking forward to any ideas and assistance. Thank you.



can you please post us a read_only project link.

how to do so can be found here:


For sure!

However my attempts were so lame I do not have anything on the site as a solid attempt. Kind of starting from scratch on this.


can you provide screenshots of what you want called out please..

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