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Positionning issue


Hi folks,

I am currently rebuilding my personal website and there is just this issue that I can't get rid off!

I’d like to do that - like on my .sketch file :

But here is what happens:

If I change the position, the columns come above the button as you can see here :

Here is the public link of the website :

Any idea ?

Thanks smile


Hi the link you give is the one YOU can only access (:

Can you please share your project’s public link so it's easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:


Just updated the topic with the right URL - thanks Vincent!


For a reason I can't find, when you give positionning properties to your images, their parent containers lose all their height & width dimensions... container div, column and row widget.

So for now you can just give dimension to your Design - Link element and it will fix it.

here I gave it dimensions of 350px/250px or so.


I like your way of putting a tilted placeholder behing photos... I may steal that from you very soon, like today smiley


you are getting slow in your old age. i've already stolen the idea wink


Sounds like it fixed the problem - thanks man

Glad you liked the design haha