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Possibility to name index.html in a folder (slug)


How could I have a solution to avoid showing pagename.html when exporting code, the index.html is reserved in folders, why? I think by default index.html is hidden in apache servers to shown in the browser navbar.
www/index.html (this doesn't show in the browser navbar)
www/foldername/pagename.html (this page name plus extension is shown in the browser navbar because it has a different name than index.html)
www/foldername/index.html (this page name is not shown in browser search navbar with an apache server by default) but in webflow it's imposible to name you page as index inside of a folder as it's a reserved slug. I understand index.html to be reserved in the root www/ folder, but in the rest of the folders, I think it would be great value to the export feature. It is soooo time consuming rename everything after exporting the code.

How can this be solved (how can I do it)?
Thank you for your help!


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