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Possible bug with 'Check status' function for custom domain setup


This seems a bit off:

I do have the correct DNS setup as far as I can tell, and it seems to be correctly detecting it. But it still fails?

Any guidance much appreciated :smile:




I Seem to be having the same issue.


I have this bug too, don't worry about it. Just select to publish to those domains on the publish button. It will publish your content correctly.


Yeah its not a harmful bug


Hi @Ahmadz839, in your case, you have an extra A Record for, and that should be removed as an A Record so that requests to your domain, go only to Webflow.


Hi @antz29, if you want to share your domain name, I can check from public DNS how things look. If you would rather share your domain details privately, you can also PM me :smile:


Hi @cyberdave

I tried to remove it yesterday but i could not see it on the list for some reason i have contacted Namecheap lets see thanks for the advice. :smile:


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