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Possible to transition images?


Hello everyone,

Is it possible to add a transition to let's say: When you hover over a div with an image as a background to then in that hover state change the size for example.

It works but when i add a transition to it (All properties) it won't work.




Hey @DharmaNode

Is this what your are looking to do:

If yes just tell me ill make a quick tutorial on how to :smile:



Exactly that but specificly by editing the image properties itself. :smile:


Hey @DharmaNode

Do you mean to change size via the background image settings on hover than add a transition to that?

If yes than as far as i know you cant you can only cant add transition to background image settings :smile:

if not here is the tutorial on how i did it:



Yep that's what i mean, it gives a different effect if you resize the actual image via the image properties. The image will actually get bigger but the (div) itself won't.

Thanks for the tutorial anyways! :smiley:


Hey @DharmaNode

I guess you can make a topic in the wishlist section and Webflow will eventually implement this :smile:

Your welcome for the tutorial