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Posting Guidelines for the General Category


Please read the guidelines before posting to the General category

General Category

Have general questions about Webflow? Ask here!

When posting please:

  1. Share your project’s Read-Only link AND live site’s Published link
  • The read-only link is a special url generated in the Dashboard to allow others to view your project in the Webflow Designer. How to get your project’s read-only link?

  • The published link is the <your-site> subdomain where you can view the live site with custom code running. It is important to share this link, as custom code does not run in the Designer.

  1. Upload as many screen shots/screen cast videos as possible to help others help you faster

  2. Add a description of what you’re trying to achieve, and/or post a link to a working example of what you’re trying to achieve

  3. Reply to users by tagging using the @ sign followed by their forum username like this: @Waldo

Examples of “General” Category Topics:

  • Questions about existing/known Webflow features
  • Where things are in Webflow

Examples of Off-topic Posts:

  • Getting help with designing your website in Webflow (post in the Design Help category)
  • Getting help with JavaScript/jQuery plugins (post in the Code Help category)
  • Getting help with using Webflow CMS/CMS Editor (post in the CMS Help category)
  • Getting help with a site created from a template (post in the Template Help category)
  • Request/suggestions/discussions for new features (We have an app for that!)
  • etc.

Please do not use this category for new feature requests/suggestions/discussions. We have an app for that!

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