Streaming live at 10am (PST)

[Postponed] Webflow Workshop with Bartosz


Sorry guys. This one has been postponed.


Looking forward to it as always! :smiley:


Great! It's officially on the calendar! :stuck_out_tongue:


You forgot to mention nicest guy ever! Looking forward to it!


Sorry guys. Have to postpone this one as well. :frowning:

But, we are going to take the time off to fine tune the workshops to make them even better! :smiley:

More news about the Workshop changing coming very soon!


is it postponed until tomorrow at 10AM?


next one, which i'm currently working on to post will be with Greg Sargent ( on March 1st @ 10am PST. That one is definitely happening


Ahh damn,
Didnt notice the message on the forum up until now. :cold_sweat:

Ah well, there's still exciting Webflow Workshop news coming :smiley:


don't worry. we'll be back and better than ever :wink: