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Prevent duplicate CMS items in dynamic filter list

Is there a way to prevent duplicate dynamic, CMS entries used to filter a CMS list?

I’m working on creating a dynamic dropdown CMS filter that will ultimately filter reviews (seen here) by the date they were published (example: July 2020).

The Problem:
Since there are multiple reviews for July 2020, this date shows up multiple times.
ALL of the dates are also showing up on one line.

The Goal:
Is there a way to prevent duplicate entries for my filter dropdown list?
How can I get the dates to populate on separate lines?

This is part of the @Finsweet CMS Library, but I haven’t been successful in getting a response to this part of my question.

Here is my public share link: live site here
Here is my read-only link: read-only link

Hey @BarbPritchard - Sweet JS and I have sent you a DM in Slack ! Should be no issues to get this working for you