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Good afternoon! Tell me please, how do I make this same calculator webflow?


Hey @Vyacheslav

As far as I know this cant be made in Webflow yet without custom code but here are a few links that will help you get started :smile:

Hope this helps :smile: if you need anymore help just ask ill be glad to help



Hey @Vyacheslav you could use what @AlexN built out here:

Not sure on the whole calculator logic. There are also third party calculator building widgets which you could embed into your website and then style out. These require a lot of custom code though.




Hey @Vyacheslav

Now that @Waldo has provided you the information on how to create a custom form in webflow now all you need to do is get that data from them price sliders ,calculate and display it which my 1st link should help you with.

But as Waldo stated it will require alot of custom code :smile:

Good Luck!



Thanks for the tip . If I can do everything publish here. :smile:


[Dynamic] Calculator

Hey @Vyacheslav

Great you figured it out :smile: thank you for sharing you can post the link in show & tell section to help other people trying to figure it out


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