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The prices and plans are generally the same, they just removed the $20 Personal Plan, so you go from $0/month to $35 (if paid annually) or $42 (if paid monthly) and nothing in-between.


Evaluation continues. More discoveries occur.

I'm doing research into how the charge appears on my client's statement when I used Client Billing. That brings me to the Client Billing help doc where I discover that there's also a fee for billing clients:

This is because we apply a 10% platform fee from this amount to cover the credit card processing fees and to help with the costs of maintaining Client Billing for you.

I understanding needing to cover the CC costs, but 10%? Stripe (and similar offerings) are around 2.9% + 30¢ and you usually see discounts for bigger volumes. 10% only barely (it's still 1.1% too high) makes sense on a $5 static plan being billed at cost and I'm guessing most of the sites using Client Billing aren't billed at cost/that low. I'd wager that if Stripe's fee was 10%, nobody would have seriously considered them.

--- I want to add a note here. Part of the 10% fee is to cover the costs of 'maintaining Client Billing for you'. Without any further explanation, I'd wager most people assume this setup is pretty automated, which is why the cost seems high.

On top of a $35/42 cost for a 'Professional' account, we also have:

10% on Client Billing charges
$6 per contributor per site (no change between Starter & Pro/Team)
$5 per site to White Label ($10 if on the Starter plan -- hints this is changing?)

$5 for Static Hosting ($15 for Starter Plan)
$10 for CMS Hosting ($20 for Starter Plan)

I suspect some of these charges are ways for the 'free' accounts to pay some (the higher prices for Starter plans seem to back this up) and for paying accounts, I feel the hosting costs are pretty reasonable (I just feel a few more 'limited' 2-page site packages would help fill out our options). The other costs though (White Label, contributor, high fee for Client Billing), I feel really only end up hurting/pricing out the 'small guys' even though Webflow advertises itself as a solution for them. Charging for them on the free plan makes more sense, but I feel the charges and fees should be reduced or eliminated for accounts already subscribed and paying Webflow.

Now sure, I'm just one dude being very vocal about all this and Webflow can do whatever it wants, but with the current setup I (and I'd wager many others) just can't justify the prices and Webflow looses out on customers/revenue as a result. I do appreciate the fact that Webflow is letting us know they're evaluating pricing options. Maybe all of these issues will be addressed or maybe they won't. As someone who would be looking to build their business on Webflow though, the uncertainty about the pricing in the future just makes the decision harder.


Desire to participate in the conversation, I hope these reviews are perceived. Are a beginner in the business of creating web sites, and I think it would be possible to introduce the plan to just emerging designers. I have left a personal plan and 20 sites I don't need for example. Last time, increased competition with resources ready sites, they have a very low price and I am very "shrank", when forming their price policy. But still you need to invest in seo, it is advisable... So it's not easy.


So, here we are a month later and still no official word on the pricing changes. Awesome.


I think the official word was (and still is) that the pricing changed to what it is now. If you were on the personal plan, you're grandfathered.


Howdy howdy howdy,

I first of all really appreciate WebFlow as a tool and the support that is provided by your staff. However, I recently noticed that you have done away with the "Personal" plan option. I really liked that plan and now it seems that I am going to be forced to go to a professional plan just to export a site to another webflow account or HTML/CSS files once in awhile. I would really appreciate some middle ground between the plans. Or perhaps an option to pay a fee for one time site export or code export if I am not on a professional plan. E.g. 5.00 bucks to transfer this project to another account or 1.50 per code export.

Just my 2 cents, but maybe I am the only person that enjoyed that plan. I just feel strangled by the free plan and don't have enough clients yet to justify the professional plan.



I've been using this service, off and on, for the past few years now to build my portfolio website. I'm really sad to see the Personal Plan go. As a designer, having a tool like Webflow has been invaluable in creating a website that really stands out. And as a motion designer, it's been the reason I was able to design my own site.

This new pricing plan isolates the casual user of the service in favor of targeting individuals who make websites for a living. It's too bad that this is now the case.


Cut us some slack, $0 to $420 per year is too much of a jump for most of us.


If you only need one site, I would suggest staying with the Starter (free) plan. Then add-on a hosting subscription to it to unlock more features (like up to 80 static pages and up to 500 dynamic items).

Hosting is either $15/month for basic or $20/month for CMS.

Basic Hosting gives you the ability to point a custom domain to your Webflow site and have it securely stored on Amazon Web Servers and delivered over the Fastly Network.

CMS Hosting provides everything Basic Hosting does, plus a fully functional database for storing dynamic content and access to the Editor, which lets you update existing content and create new content right on your live website.


@russellspencer The free plan ($0) is still available. :neutral_face:


"I love that an API is coming soon which will facilitate more collaborations with serious developers who's skill set goes far beyond "web designer" or "html/css ninja" - allowing us to keep things neatly tucked away in Webflow, but integrate more dynamic/custom projects...front-end, back-end, and full-stack dev"



I've only just arrived, and that's me you're describing.

30 years dev (and pretty much every other related role). I feel like I've seen it all.

This tool would seem to be great (so far) for many (not all) things.

Things I would appreciate:

1) More written documentation rather than videos.
2) An API (naturally)
3) Umm...I'll let you know as I come across them.

Sure, it's a little limiting, and some things could do with tweaks, but I know how tough this stuff is to code, and I have to say I have great admiration for the quality of what I see.

The clincher, fwiw, was the quality of code export coupled with the ease of doing all that SERIOUSLY boring and frustrating HTML/CSS/JS stuff around UI. Ugh!

Even if the CMS doesn't do it for me (still evaluating), the speed at which I can generate clean, good-looking and nicely interactive interfaces is well worth the money.


I agree that Webflow is a great product and definitely fills a hole in the market. When I started to use it, I realised pretty quickly the amount of thought and hard work that had gone into it. I would even go so far as to say that it is quite possibly a game-changer for many of us.

I just wish that the pricing structure made it easier for small/just starting out website designers like myself to get on board.


I wanted to get back onto webflow after having used it a while back and found that the $20 was done away. Seems like webflow is isolating a major major portion of medium ranged users and simply giving way for the experts and professionals. Extremely disappointed by this move.


While I don't know if it will specifically relate to plan pricing, it sounds like the Webflow team should share some info with us next month:


To be honest, I don't get a lot of the comments in this topic.
Webflow pricing is one of the best pricing systems I've seen in a long time.

As a web designer, you get paid for every website you make. So that's why it makes sense that Webflow charges a per website hosting fee.

And to be honest, having Webflow as my host really saves me sooooo much time:

  • No more f*cking around with Wordpress plugins for caching, minimizing, security, SEO, redirection...
  • No more difficult and annoying hosting panels
  • Easy SSL set-up
  • Fast and easy to use CMS for clients (no stupid page builder)

Here's what I don't like about the pricing so far:

  • No discount on bigger volumes (I host almost 15 websites/month, almost all with SSL. That's a lot of negative cashflow...)
  • Pay extra for every collaborator. Seriously though, this makes no sense.

I agree with @Diu: Webflow is still a business that needs to make money in the end. The product is awesome, but why make your product for people that don't want to pay for it?

I'm sad to see this typical web designer rant... It's really not that hard to make a buck as a web designer, yet we all complain about money. :smiley:


@kasperkazzual which CMS do you use with webflow ? .
1-Does the CMS you use has some extension that make the use of webflow work easy to use / import ?
2-How it is easy to modify understand the webflow css/html code for your CMS ?
3-Does the css framework use by webflow use BEM or OCSS rule syntax or easy to understand documented ?

I think if your a professionnal ( designer, UX , Front end integrator ( all) , vector designer, raster designer, mix ) and master the webflow GUI behaviours , fonctionnalities and limit ...20$ is not a lot but a website with only css need some raster image ( take , buy photos convert them using graphic tool suite you master adobe ? ,.affinity? . )

Since webflow let us create component I do'nt see how it could be easely import into wellknown CMS . Think that a CMS is not only a Content Management System since template let you change the style of the page ( limited options ) and can use/import only the components widget extension build for it .

What wrong with this ?
designer pay webflow
e-commerce pay designer / agency
buyer pay the e-commerce website

In all the case if you have a bug problem you must
-already know how html , css, js work
-have sometime a lot of experience
-know the tools that help you to find the line number bug location !


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