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Printful + Webflow?


Hi guys,

I was wondering, are you thinking to integrate Printful to your Ecommerce platform?
That would be awesome, because for the moment, a lot of people are using this site to start a business and to be able to use it, we have to stick with Shopify unfortunately because you do not have the app yet. Thank you for your answers, Arnaud.


I also am using Printful and would love an integration with webflow. I was hoping at a minimum, I could use Zapier but Printful doesn’t have a Zapier integration. I did however receive a survey from webflow on desired upcoming features, and printful integration was one of the questions they asked. Hopefully there’s enough of us in the community that have a need for this. As soon as ecommerce variants are released I’ll be ready to release my site. Fortunately for now, I’m only selling around 100 items/monthly and I can manually fulfill the orders that would come through webflow. However, I’m increasing sales order volume roughly 5%-15% each month, so sooner or later manually transferring the orders will become too much. Pray for Printful integration!


I’m with you guys. This integration would also be good for me and an upcoming project. :crossed_fingers:Maybe this integration will come out when digital products make their way into the Ecommerce feature.

Also was slightly shocked that Printful doesn’t have Zapier integration.


hey I am in the same situation.
I want to design my store with webflow, I want to print using either Printful or Printify…I cant even get adobe fonts in the Shopify theme editor, it looks poor.

I dont understand what the foxy thing is, or what the zapier thing is.

if I just design the CSS/Html in webflow, can I then inject it into shopify? will that work?