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Problem with dynamic checkboxes in forms / Bug?


Hey @all,

I currently have some issues with dynamic checkboxes in a normal form.

I added a dynamic list in a form and linked it to the relevant collection. Afterwards, I put an checkbox into the dynamic item and linked the field label to the required collection field.

Now I have the problem that, as long a I click on the checkbox itself - the correct checkbox gets selected. But, if I click on the field label of the 2nd, 3rd, .. item, the first checkbox gets selected.

[REMOVED PROJECT LINK] >> I had to switch to static to make the form work :wink:

That's the link to my project. You will find the form on the bottom of the home page.

Any ideas? It would be fine as well, if I could disable the click on the field label (so that the user would have to click on the checkbox directly).

Thanks a lot,

Dynamic Items in Form Select Field

You shouldn't put checkboxes in dynamic lists. All will have the same name and ID, causing the labels to only toggle the first checkbox with the same ID.


Hi @samliew

is there any other option to show different options from a dynamic collection in a form?

Radio button won't work as well, right? What about selectors?

Or is there a solution using JS (to give items different names and IDs)?




Any ideas how to solve the problem? :wink:


As I have to launch the project this weekend, I will switch to a static form and remove the preview link.

But I still hope to find a solution!!! :smiley:

Anyone got any ideas .. ???


Sorry, I'm not free this week/weekend. If you need a developer to urgently look into this, please use the Freelance category on the forum.


I used static checkboxes for the launch version, but I would still be happy if any has an idea how to solve the issue :wink:


Hi! I ran into exactly the same issue… :confused: For now, I couldn’t find any other solution than either static checkboxes, or embedding an external form. Could you find another way to solve, or work around it?


@Beppino_Defner No I didn’t. Did you ;)?