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Problem with fixed width navbar


sure this is obvious and simple to fix. I'm either dumb, or tired, or both...

my hamburger works great - just as I want it to - in desktop, tablet, and mobile profile...
the nav bar scrolls up but the hamburger scrolls w/ page as I want it to as well.

BUT - my "mobile vertical" is all messed up. frowning

I am trying to get the nav bar to "LOCK to top" in mobile vertical... (which I had working before)
but now -- because I messed up the main section numbers in mobile vertical -- it is now throwing
off my menu when it goes to open.

I know I want the numbers to read AUTO, 0 and None... (see attached)

but I cannot for the life of me get them to "stick". it rejects my typing whenever I try it out.

my site is:

Help. Thanks. smile


Without read only link it is hard to help confused unfortunately


@sabanna -


think I made it "read only" now... ( assuming that is when you make site public for cloning, correct? )
If not... tell me how and I will make it "read only" lickety-split.
Appreciate the help, BTW. smile



Ok. I'm a big dummy.
NOW it's read only. sorry about that.

here's the URL:


yeah, you found it, but now it gives 404 page... frowning



(you are clearly a patient human)


Now it works blush Give me some time for look on it.

(P.S. Life and 3 kinds teach be patient pretty good wink LOL)


Well, from what I can see:

  1. Navbar on mobile view has fixed size, which is bigger than screen view

  2. So all you need is change width of navbar to 100% of body and I would recommend make position not Top LEft, but just Top

  3. After change something inside the navbar for some reason hamburger menu stop to work, but I had this issues before and I just add new navbar to the page then delete it. Weird but IT HELPS smile

Good luck!


thank you thank you thank you.

PS: also have three kids... still working on the patience thing. smile

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